Depositions in Springfield, Illinois and Central Illinois

Illinois Supreme Court Rules 202 through 212 provide that in most cases the parties are permitted to take "discovery depositions" of opposing parties and witnesses prior to the time of the trial of a case.

What is a Discovery Deposition?

A discovery deposition is an official court proceeding in which the opposing insurance company attorney has an opportunity to ask you questions and obtain your oral (spoken) answers under oath to those questions.

The questions may be about your case and about your life. This includes questions not only about the incident described in your complaint, but also about your education, family, work, earnings, activities, hobbies and injuries. The scope of the permissible questioning is actually quite extensive.

During your discovery deposition, you may legitimately be asked questions about any matter that is relevant or is reasonably calculated to learn about relevant information about your case.

The more claims insurance companies defeat, the more money they make. It should therefore not be surprising that insurance companies only hire very bright and able lawyers to defend their claims. If you are not thoroughly aware of some of the major pitfalls commonly used by insurance company attorneys to defeat your claim before your deposition is taken, your legitimate claim may be rendered worthless during your discovery deposition.

Learn About Your Discovery Deposition

Based on his 30 years of trial experience in the State of Illinois, one of our lawyers, Bruce Beeman, wrote an informational booklet, "About Your Discovery Deposition" to help you understand the process. Many clients have said the booklet is a valuable tool that can be used to understand the process and avoid mistakes which might otherwise ruin a good case. The booklet includes information on: 

  • What is a Discovery Deposition?
  • How Much Time Will It Take To Complete My Discovery Deposition?
  • Discovery Deposition Basics or Discovery Deposition 101?
  • Why Is A Discovery Deposition Important?
  • Ten Deposition Rules to Win Or Lose By.

Injured clients of Wolter, Beeman, Lynch & Londrigan, LLP receive a free copy of this booklet well in advance of their deposition. Contact us to discuss your case.